I’m Zeb Zakovics and I’m a photographer based in Devon in the United Kingdom. Having been inspired by photography my whole life, I have documented and captured moments throughout my life aiming to essentially journal moments in time with photography.


I have always been interested in travelling and taking photographs for as long as I can remember. Taking 35mm film photographs with my grandad, me with a cheap plastic camera that you would pick up at a discount store & my grandad with his Chinon Auto 3501 point-and-shoot.

For me, nothing beats travelling through a natural landscape or spending a night in the mountains under the stars. One day in the future these wild & natural places may not exist, but the human brain is extremely unreliable when it comes to memory. For this reason I have begun documenting my life with 35mm film photography on a Canon AE-1 I picked up this year.

Every photograph is a moment frozen in time, nothing will ever exist exactly as it did before, regardless how hard you try.

Photography is a documentation of events & experiences of both people and the natural world, capturing images both in urban and wild environments. I have also stared to experiment with motion to create small mini-films about locations that inspire me or have a story to tell. It’s early days and I’m learning all the time, so watch this space for some video content soon.

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I have visited 12 countries in 2 continents, a lot less than I thought I would have visited by now. Combining my drive for travel and exploration with a goal of taking truly meaningful photographs, I needed somewhere to showcase my images throughout my travels across the globe. Welcome to my portfolio.

Over the past five years I have been living part-time in a Volkswagen camper van for work to save money, however it has given me the means and opportunity to be able to travel anywhere in the UK and have somewhere to stay. I would love to have a life on the open road, exploring to my hearts content with a camera in my hand, unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m always hopeful. Maybe one day I will see you out on the road.

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