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Analogue photography has always been something I have been fascinated by, being able to capture so much detail and colour on chemically layered plastic film. With no previous experience with 35mm film photography, this is the start of my journey into the analogue medium.

Zeb Zakovics

35mm Film Exploration, Old & New

Film photography is a style completely separate from the more modern digital era, some professional photographers still use analogue film cameras as their primary set-up when shooting landscapes or weddings for professional or commercial projects. I however have mostly learned everything up to now through the lens of Nikon and Canon DSLRs, making film photography a completely different experience in how I shoot and create my compositions.


I have sourced both new 35mm film such as KODAK Portra as well as a huge amount of expired film stock to experiment with, after all, there are some really amazing and unintentional effects that can be created by using expired film stocks. I am looking to have a separate portfolio of film photography that I can build and improve on over time, which in turn will help me develop my photography skills in general.

A New Experience

Shooting the Canon AE-1

The Canon AE-1 was released in April 1976 and was the official camera of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in New York. It shoots any 35mm film and has an interchangeable lens system using the Canon FD lens mount. I primarily use 28mm and 50mm prime lenses to capture my compositions, 28mm is great for street/urban photography and the 50mm for outdoor and landscapes.

Film photography allows you to have an effect like no other, moments captured forever in a physical form feel more real than a digital file that can be easily deleted.

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Nearly no need for editing

One of the best parts about shooting film so far is the classic image effect that doesn’t require any editing.

Many photographers edit their film photos after they have been scanned by a film developing lab to bring them closer to what they intended the image to look like. Subtle adjustments are sometimes needed, but the images usually require no editing in post.

The Film Effect

Making It meaningful

Capturing images on film really makes you think before you finally take the shot, the image needs to be worth it and have meaning, creating better photos that capture life’s real moments.

New Projects & Videos Coming Up...

Im looking to create some exciting projects exploring film photography and seeing what interesting compositions I can create with expired film stocks. If you’re interested in seeing my updated 35mm Film Portfolio then you can click here. I look forward to creating some videos of me going out and capturing some images with these film stocks, including some recent film I have acquired that is cut from real movie 35mm film reel stocks!


Thanks for being here ✌️

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