I have been capturing photographs my entire life from as early as I can remember, using any camera I could find from 35mm film toy cameras to my mobile phone when cameras first started appearing on them. Photography has always been something that has captivated and inspired me, pushing me to experience new things and travel to new places around the world. All while hoping that I can document and capture memories that will be frozen in time for me and my friends to look back on one day.

Photography is the documentation of life, moments frozen in time that will never exist exactly as they did when the camera captured the moment. This is what inspires me, through both still photography and more recently video, capturing moments of our busy lives that make you feel something.

Latest Journal Posts

Kodak Double X In Copenhagen

Gloomy days in Copenhagen call for one thing, Kodak Double X Black & White motion picture film loaded into a 35mm film

Expedition 2024

2023 was a huge year for me, travelling to 12 countries and over 50,000 miles (twice round the world) while exploring film photography and enjoying

Lisbon On Portra 160

A last minute trip to Lisbon in Portugal, a city with charm, fantastic architecture and a real culture of people living there.

Dubrovnik On Film

A summer trip to Dubrovnik in Croatia, where I took my 35mm film camera and some Kodak Portra 160 to see what images I could capture with the

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